Did You Know?

Vendôme Exhibits offers the widest range of the highest quality modular and custom exhibits in various styles and sizes. We design exhibits that attract attention. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service and will ensure that you are staisfied with our work. Our design experts are invested in making your trade show a great success.



Custom Exhibits are constructed using a variety of materials based on the exhibitor's specifications. The exhibitor provides the desired style guidelines and dimensions that are required. We create the desired environment using high quality hard wood panels.

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What is a modular exhibit?
Any exhibit between the size of a pop-up display and a panel/frame configuration is considered a modular exhibit.

At Vendôme Exhibits we primarily utilize thin, lightweight wood panels in our modular exhibit designs. Modular Exhibits weigh on average 50 to 60% less than traditional custom exhibits, saving freight, drayage, and manufacturing costs to the exhibitor.

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PROPS, Mannequins & Signage

For all fashion tradeshows and events, Vendôme Exhibits partners with Manex USA, one of the world's largest mannequin manufacturers, to offer you an extensive collection of display mannequins to rent or buy. Manex USA offers male, female, and children mannequins of all ages and sizes.

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